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December 14, 2017
2009 SRT Challenger With Damaged Mount

The top left window is actual under car footage of the front cradle bushing/mount of a 2009 SRT Dodge Challenger 6-speed.

Notice the amount of cradle movement even under normal driving conditions.

Pay close attention to the cradle as it slaps against the bottom of the vehicle as wheel hop is endured towards the end of the video.

This vehicle was found to have a damaged bushing/mount.

The rubber had pulled away from the inner steel sleeve within very low mileage.

Please see the next video for the after results.


With New Bushing

 This video is of the same vehicle after the damaged cradle bushing/mount was replaced.

Again, the top left window references the front cradle bushing/mount with the addition of a rear cradle bushing/mount view in the lower left window.

Notice the cradle continues to slap the bottom of the vehicle even with the replacement bushing.  


2009 SRT Challenger driveshaft and rear end with wheel hop

Again, the same SRT 6-Speed Challenger.

However, this video shows just how violent the wheel hop is and aids in understanding just how damaging the affects can be on the vehicles suspension components if not addressed.

The top left window is of the front cradle bushing/mount, the top right is of the rear differential housing and the drive shaft, and the lower left is of the drive shaft and the center support bearing.