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April 26, 2019
Hop Not Total Kit For Six Speed Challenger

I have a 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T 6-speed with stock suspension with the exception of Hotchkis swaybars.

My Challenger had moderate to severe wheel hop prior to adding HOP NOT's Stage I & Stage II suspension Kits.

Not only has the wheel hop been virtually eliminated, also the side to side handling has greatly improved being that the car has way less body roll on curvy roads.

I have not noticed any unwanted harmonics or added road noise with the kit(s)...and the car still has a smooth, comfortable ride in day to day driving.

Now, without the wheel hop, I feel I have more traction during hard launches and way more control over the car during spirited driving.

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Hey Mike, Chris and I went to State Capitol last night and got in about 3 runs each. It was so packed, it took 1.5 hours between runs!. All computer problems with my car aside, the kit performed great. Last time on drag radials with the stock suspension, I could feel slight movement under acceleration off the line. This time out, it felt tight, no squirming of the cradle, the tires hooked and I shaved 2 tenths off my last personal best. All i've done since the last time was the Hopnot and added shorter diameter drag radials. I posted a 12.709 @ 106.9. My 60' was my best ever with a 1.855

I installed Michael's Hop Not kit on my 2009 SRT8 Challenger 6 speed about 2
months ago. I have logged about 1500 miles and countless launches. My wheel
hop before the kit was so bad I thought the axle was coming through the
floor. Now I have no wheel hop. I get a nice solid chirp in second where
before I had 2-3 hops. Even if you do not race your car this hop eliminator
kit is the perfect insurance policy to protect your drive train from major
damage. I highly recommend this kit. 70

I installed the full monte for the 6-speed lastweek but wanted to drive it for a while before I spoke. Raise your glasses for a toast gentleman, to Michael D, I thank you. No more wheelhop, alas. Haven't been to the track yet, but that don't matter. I can drive the wheels off this thing with the F1's and I'm lovin' it. 90% of the hop is gone and the other 10% is best described as an occasional "shutter". I've launched on concrete and asphalt and I am very happy with the results. And man was that easier to install than welding in a Dana 60 I had lots of people(SRT owners) crawling under my car at the cruise lastnight just to get a look at the kit. Thumbs up, it gets my vote. Thanks again Michael. Tom


It was great meeting you & Beepah Joe the other night @ the cruise. I was surprised to be able to see a hopnot kit already installed on a car (in the flesh). Though I didn't get a ride in 1of153's car (soon I hope) I had a good look at his setup underneath. The kit looks first rate (factory like). The stabilizer brackets are beefy and do not look out of place. The stabilizers seemed pretty solids units as well (I like that they are yellow like the Bilstein’s). As for the bushings they look like they belong. I would say that they look stock but they actually look better than the original stock pieces. Once you see how it all ties in together (bushings mating underneath the stock mounts & the stabilizer setup) you begin to understand how the hopnot kit works. I was sold on word of mouth and video reviews but seeing it in person (granted I didn’t get a ride yet Tom) this mod is now at the top of my next mod to do list. Tom also commented on how well the instructions were for the install. He also mentioned that Mike was available to talk if you had any questions. How many vendors can say that they are available pretty much anytime? Customer service call centers in India do not count (HA!). Well what the hell I'm waiting for? I plan on purchasing a full kit soon. Now if I cold just sneak another big purchase mod past the Mrs. Don’t make too much fun of me guys the wifey did grant her blessings for me to get my dream car.


Finally got a ride in 1of153’s car. Tom had called to tell me that he just completed installing the adjustable sway bar link and that he was going for a test ride (he as the hopnot total pkg for 6spd cars). He asked if I wanted to meet up for a ride. I said hell yeah! We met at a local Dunkin Donuts. I get in his B5 SRT and as we’re leaving the parking lot I immediately notice a difference in his suspension. The car feels tighter (in a good way). I personally thought that the SRT’s were a little too soft for my liking. Seems like the bushings, stabilizers, & sway bar link tighten up the ride. Mind you I feel this as a passenger (Imagine what it must feel like behind the wheel). Well we’re cruisin’ (speed limit) and I’m really having a tough time trying to determine whether a hopnot equipped car makes any more noise than my car (especially since I’m comparing his SRT to mine). We finally get to an on ramp entrance to a highway and he comes to a complete stop. He side steps the clutch @ 2500+ and nothing but the sweet sounds of Good Year F1’s screaming for their lives. He bangs second gear and the F1’s cried some more. During this process there was no wheel hop just glorious wheel spin. What I immediately noticed (besides no wheel hop) was that the car seems to be hooking even better. I also noticed the front end rise slightly (most likely due to the adjustable sway bar link – better for weight transfer to the rear). We rode on smooth roads, rough roads, and twisties. No lie the ride did not seem any louder than my car. And boy does she handle (no doubt this is attributed to the stiffer mounting points of the cradle combined with the stabilizers). Before my ride was over Tom would do his best impersonation of John Force. On a highway on ramp, from a dead stop, he let her rip from 4 grand and she spins and screams bouncing off the rev limiter spinning all that way from first to second to third gear. I will tell you that at this point I did feel the slight shudder. To me the shudder occurred towards the end of the burnout. My opinion is that it feels like the F1’s were trying to bite. You feel the slight shudder but you can’t hear it like the banging sounds from the wheel hop. I’m convinced that the IRS cradle was not moving (though I do not have proof). I myself have experienced the shudder in my old solid axle Mustang LX 5.0. I can live with the shudder with no problem. My summation is BUY IT NOW. This will be my next mod but I must convince the wifey that I need another mod. Go ahead make fun of me…it’s ok everyone else does (HA!). BTW…Mike D is the freakin’ man for coming up with this fix (god bless him). Thanks for the ride Tom.

ridgerunner : Installed stage 1 and stage 2. Actually Mike installed I just handed him tools (lol). Great job on the installation Mike. Drove from Louisiana to Roanoke,Va. in April . Spent time running the flats and mountains, B5 handled great, found no problem with kit. No wheel hop at all. I have driven 2300 miles with Hop Nots in place. I would definitely recommend 6-speed owners to install Hop Not.


Stage 1 and 2 including adjustable sway bar installed on SRT 2009 manual.

Works great. Dump clutch at 3500rpm, car squats and goes. Appears to be idiot proof but I'll keep trying! haha! Only issue was need to cut 1/2 inch off length of top shock mounting bolt to clear aftermarket ( 3" MBRP) exhaust. Handling is better with a small drop in comfort level.

Over all a very impressive kit. Well thought out, no drilling or cutting of car so return to stock could be easily done. I strongly recommend this kit to anyone who has experienced wheel hop.

Thank you, Mike, for this contribution to the Challenger community.

I installed some 275/40 20 on stock SRT rims yesterday. I think this is as wide as I can go. The inside of the tire sat against the shock when the load was off the swing arm. Of course plenty of clearance when tires are on the ground.

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Stage 1&2 installed Love how it stiffened up the car ! So much tighter
as you can see I just had to test it out


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I have installed the Stage 1 Kit, it has made a improvment. When i switch to different tires i got rid of alot of the hop but still had some, now with the stage 1 I havnt noticed any yet on the street but havnt gone to the track since as i did have hop there without the kit. All in all i have gotten rid of atleast most of the wheel hop with this kit.

Ok guys,

I finally made it to the track (Portland International Raceway) last night with my new setup (HopNot stage 1, adjustable sway bar link, AFCO drag pack shocks, and SRT front springs). I can say that after many passes to adjust the AFCO shocks (full soft on rebound, and 11 clicks from soft on compression) I was finally able to completely eliminate my wheel hop and reduce my 60' times from the 2.5 to the 2.1 range and my 1/4 mile times from the 14.2 to the 13.8 range. Im not sure how much of the cure was from the HopNot and how much was from the AFCO shocks but I would say they both had a big contribution to the cure. One note for those of you considering the AFCO shocks, is that they are very noisy for normal driving conditions and I have not yet figured out how to quiet them down. If I am unable to quiet them I will be replacing them as they are just way to noisy for the long term.

I am now running the HopNot stage 1 & 2 with the stock shocks on my 2010 R/T 6 speed and have noticed a big improvement. I was running in the 14.2 ET and 2.4 60' times before installing the HopNot and not I am running in the 13.8 ET and 2.1 60' range.

Hey Mike that new sway bar link is great. Installed and no noise at all! Lowered the air pressure in the rear to 32 PSI and Holy Crap!! I think I need new tires lol. Mike I must say you have to be the best business I have ever dealt with. You stuck with it until the problem was resolved and I thank you!! P.S. I will spread the word of Hop Not to all the Challenger owners I know. Thanks again. Kevin
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Yes Mike fixed my knocking issue making me a kick ass adjustable OEM unit! Sweeet! I have to say Mike really cares about his costumers and has a passion about his product ! Mike is truly one of a kind!! now if he can help me replace my tires that would be great lol

Hop not stage 1&2 installed and wrecking my tires

Auto R/T and Hopnot Stage 2

I wanted to drive the car a bit before I posted any results of the Stage 2 kit Michael D installed on my car last Saturday. Of course I don't have the hop prevalent to some 6-speeds, but I was intrigued with the possibility of my car being made to handle better. It was improved with the Stage 1 kit, we went back and he installed the Stage 2 for autos. This is the way to go! No more waiting for the rear end to swing around in a curve, the car is more stable and responsive and the improvement is especially noticeable in aggressive cornering. He wanted me to do some launches and get my input on if take-offs were better. I have the greasy RSA's so I can still get them to turn over pretty good on launch. What was improved however, was the end of the fish-tailing while, admittedly impressive, is hardly helping get your car down the track. Since there is no more bushing deflection in the cradle, the thrust angle is kept stable and the car is pushed straight. The real test on if it improves my ET will come this fall at the track. There are no strange noises, no resonance in the car. It sounds the same and is a bit firmer on bumps in the road which is expected with added shocks. You 6-speed guys with this kit already know it's a winner, so you auto guys have everything to gain with this kit on your car.


Michael  The bushing install was simple and eliminated 100% of hop in 1st and 95% in 2nd gear.

I drove in Michael D's 6Spd this weekend at our club BBQ, we did multiple launches from a dead stop at around 4K rpm or so, laid down a ton of rubber with no hop at all, it took off just like my auto.....verry impressive.
I will probably get the stage 1 just to tighten up my rear in the near future....nice kit.

So sorry for not placing this sooner. I installed the hop not kit while on a break and now back in Baghdad. The results were/are fantastic - wheel hop has been eliminated!!

Also - I got one of the first units - nr 7 I think and the sway bar rattled quite a bit. I called Michael and he sent a new version out and even included $10 for return postage on the old one. That is just awesome customer support/service.

Micheal - thanks for all your R&D and service on this unit.


Hop Not Resolves Wheelhop